Busy Vs Productive

busy vs productive

Being ‘busy’ does NOT always equal being productive.

Have you ever sat down after a really busy day but felt like you didn’t actually achieve anything for the day? If so, maybe you need to look at where you are spending most of your time. How are you prioritising your tasks?

The image below is an example of the Eisenhower Matrix. You may have seen it or something similar before (it has a few different variations and can be called other things, but it is essentially the same principle). It is a tool to help you prioritise your tasks by using 4 categories:

1. Important & urgent

2. Important but NOT urgent

3. Urgent but NOT important

4. NOT important or urgent

I have also included the ACTION you should aim to take for each section:

1. Do it now – things in this section should be your first priority

2. Schedule it in your calendar to be done

3. Delegate or outsource it (if possible)

4. Limit or remove it all together

Work out which of your tasks fit into each category. This will look different for everyone as what may be important to you might not be important to someone else. There may also be some overlap (e.g. some of your emails may be urgent & important, but some may not be).

In an ideal world you want to be spending most of your time on category 2 tasks. This will be your most productive space, but it’s often the one most neglected. Whilst category 1 is your first priority, constantly “putting out fires” and working to tight deadlines associated with urgent work is going to lead to high levels of stress and burn out. If you are spending too much time in areas 3 & 4 you will be busy but not overly productive.

I hope this helps you to prioritise your tasks more effectively and find a better balance. If you are looking to delegate some of those tasks from section 3 I’d love to have a chat with you and see how I could assist you. You can book a FREE consultation call with me here.