General Admin

Every business has a list of all those general admin type tasks that need to be done. You know what I mean – emails, putting together documents, editing, filing, responding to queries, keeping everything updated; all that jazz. While many people don’t like doing admin work, it’s all the important background stuff that you need in order to run your business successfully. These general admin tasks can be time consuming, and they often get overlooked or neglected. Instead of spending all your time on admin work, or letting it build up and get out of control, why not hand it over to someone else?

Anything to do with MS Office, I’m your gal! Seriously, I live and breathe this stuff and have spent more time in these programs than I care to remember (particularly Word & Excel which I use daily!). 

Here is a small idea of what I can do for you:

This one is pretty self explanatory, right? It could be entering data into spreadsheets, CRMs, company databases or anywhere else you might need to type up a storm! Oh, and I like to make sure things are accurate so I will be double checking my work for my own satisfaction to make sure it’s done right. 

Don’t lose that important document ever again! I can give your digital filing system an overhaul to ensure things are named consistently, folders are set up as per your needs, old items are archived and everything is in order so you can stop wasting your precious time searching for things. 

Yes, I can help with all these things too. I’ve just listed them as separate services. You can find more info about these particular services by clicking on the relevant link at the bottom of the page.

It’s part resume, part brochure. A professional profile is a 1 page visually appealing snapshot of your business. It’s perfect for freelancers who need something to present to clients showcasing their skills or services, but a resume isn’t quite the right fit.  

I will provide a questionnaire for you to answer to help gather the info I need. From there I will develop a personalised professional profile that matches your brand identity. 

Looking for some other general admin tasks to be done that I haven’t specifically mentioned? Chances are I can probably help with it, so get in contact with me to discuss what you are after.  

While I am happy to help out with almost any of your admin tasks, there are a couple of things I don’t offer: 

  1.  Virtual phone reception services. This includes providing phone answering or messaging services for your business, call centre duties, cold calling people on your behalf – that kind of thing. 
  2. Bookkeeping services. I do have some experience in this area, but as I’m not a registered BAS agent I’m quite restricted as to which tasks I can legally do for you as an independent contractor. As such I have decided to avoid these services all together and leave it to those who specialise in this field. 

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