Tame Your Emails

Do you groan every time you get a new email? Got hundreds of emails clogging up your inbox? Let’s fix that! I can help you regain control of your emails (and keep it that way) so you no longer have to dread them. 

Do you need any of the following?:

If you answered yes to any of these, then let’s chat! 

* Outlook is my program of choice and what I have the most experience with, but most of the principals work for any provider. 

We can work together to establish some guidelines and stop your emails taking over your life. Here’s how I can help:

Get your emails working for you in the way you want, rather than being a slave to your inbox.

Great if you have similar emails you need to send out regularly.

Haven’t got time to sort through all your old messages? After establishing some guidelines I can take care of the rest for you.

This will help you find what you need easily and allow you to deal with your emails more effectively. Plus it takes them out of your inbox without getting rid of them completely, great for if you need to refer back to anything.

Need some more dedicated long-term help with managing your inbox? I can help with general customer service, enquiries and whatever else you need me to deal with so you can focus on all the other things.

Don’t you have better things to be doing than deleting emails? I will work with you to establish what stays and what goes, then I will take care of it for you. And while we are at it I can unsubscribe you from any subscription or mail lists that no longer interest you.

Do you have a generic email address for your business that all your correspondence comes through to? Let me guess – then you have spend time delegating everything to the appropriate person in your team. Let’s look at how we can streamline that process and save your time for more important things.

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